Ecodiva Premium Argan Hair Smoothing Serum with Organic Argan & Jojoba Oil (100 ml)

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Chemical-free Product and Natural and Organic Product. Assists with changing over Dull hair into Shiny hair, giving a defensive shield and shielding hair from sun. Appreciate Lustrous Bouncy Hair. Don’t let dull inert hair quench the fire of appeal from your life. Bring your hair alive and transform you. Dazzling, smooth, satiny hair can be all yours with this reviving Hair Serum . Banishing grime and dust and shielding hair from presentation to the sun, this light, non-oily Hair Serum changes hair momentarily. Giving a defensive shield on your hair, it turns dry, dull hair into sparkly, delicate, tangle-free hair. Appreciate shiny fun hair that really mirrors your actual soul! Loaded up with the decency of characteristic herbs, Khadi is a fine mix of extravagance for your Hair. High quality and deliberately set up, we guarantee no concoction follows and subsequently are pleased with a 100% common item. Every fundamental oil has explicit advantages. These colorful scents alongside the advantages of herbs and oils suggested in Ayurveda are perfect for delightful, sound Hair.

2 reviews for Ecodiva Premium Argan Hair Smoothing Serum with Organic Argan & Jojoba Oil (100 ml)

  1. Shaik Mohammad

    This serum has been a boon to my hair. Tried many serums, but this is the best that suited to my hair. Previously my hair was totally dry and curly. This nourishes my hair and made it strong enough. I’m happy my hair is healthy and clean now.

  2. Edward Stark

    This is an awesome hair serum.. nourishes hair with all ingredients what they need.. totally satisfied with the quality of serum must go for it..

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