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Skin Lightening; Anti-Ageing; Hydrating; Fairness Skin 20% Vitamin C Facial Serum with Liquorice Root Extract; Organic Baobab Oil; Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, Face Serum; 30 ML

Face Care
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Vitamin C face serum helps shrink pores, clear up acne, prevent breakouts and minimize the appearance of acne, it is one of the most well-known & well-researched skincare ingredients, has been a preferred solution too many skincare problems for ages. Ecodiva Vitamin C serum is extremely rich and non-greasy potion that helps get rid of the dark spots and dark circles or any kind of pigmentation. The immense amount of Vitamin C along with results that exceed expectations this little bottle has topped it to being one of Ecodiva best sellers.


  • Ecodiva Vitamin C serum Helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines while helping boost collagen.
  • Ecodiva Vitamin C serum is the Best Anti oxidant serum that offers what all your skin needs to maintain flawless and youthful look.
  • It is a perfect combination for every skin. Stabilised Vitamin C in synergy with other actives and one can feel the difference right from its first application and give it little time to see visible results.
  • This Vitamin C Serum helps in shrinking face pores, clears up acne, prevents breakouts, and minimizes the appearance of acne scars
  • It hydrates, brightens and soothes your skin with its unique combination of vitamins and plant extracts
  • This Serum is for all skin types including, those with sensitive skin
  • Ecodiva Vitamin C serum is from Parabens, Harmful Chemicals and is perfect for your skin. Good thing is that it also helps in addressing acne.

Ingredients: aqua vitamin-c hyaluronic acid aloevera extract grape seed extract propylene glycol acrylates copolymer phenoxyethanol iquorice extract boobaboltomin folic acid, triethanolamine sodium gluconate, fragrance

Weight: 100ml

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It's a nice,light and non greasy formula with a high degree of spreadability. With only one application/ day,I did notice my skin become brighter,radiant and clearer in just a few days. For me ,it's a full value for money product and I'm surely going to stick to it for a long time. Thank you #ecodiva !

Aishani Ghosh

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Munshi Humayun